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Nut November Goodness


I love to write, and I think i’m funny. My blogs are the perfect place to learn more about me and the things I’m passionate about. Take a glimpse into my quirky personality.

Nut November Goodness

Leela Sapphire

This November celebrate the arrival of winter with Margo and I. I couldn’t think of any cleaver November saying, maybe Nut November? As you may know Margo and I do have civilian jobs and we play when we can align our schedules. Well I’m here to tell you that this November we are offering something special as our way of saying thank you for your patience with our busy schedules. On select days during a select time frame we will be offering a double trouble special. I know there’s some controversy around offering specials. Fuck controversy the holidays are coming and budgets get tight. I acknowledge the struggle of wanting to be a good provider to your family or animals, while also getting your rocks off. We’re sexual beings who crave intimacy and gosh darn-it were here to help!

So heres the deal, if you book at least 48hrs in advance during one of these times/days then you will get a special rate crafted just for you! Margo and I have so much fun doing sensual strapon sessions together. We love to take turns teasing and pounding your ass while titillating your senses with libidinous caresses.

Margo has had the pleasure of joining me for something a bit more spicy at the dungeon. Those two hour sessions that you horny slaves want are best done with two ladies. While one of us is tying you up, the other one can be locking your cock up, or flogging your ass. Four hands are delightful in any situation. Don’t get me started on how amazing our four handed full body sensual massage is. Margo is such a cock tease, she’ll keep you on the edge for what seems like hours until you’re begging us to release.

Sweet, sensual, kinky, and did I mention Margo is a cuddly lady? If you know me you know I fucking hate to cuddle. Its all hot and sticky and man its really just not my thing. Margo however will curl right up next to you on the massage table and have you wrap your arms around her as you talk about sweet nothings. We end almost all of our duo sessions with her cuddling you.

So what are you waiting for? Obviously you should be sending in your screening and booking a Nut November double trouble special session. I’m not listing any prices here because they will vary based on what type of session you want and what location you want to see us at. Any sessions at the dungeon will be more as we have to pay the rental to use the space. It’s super fucking nice and BIG, so it is absolutely worth the extra money if you want a traditional D/s scene. Be sure to mention NUT NOVEMBER when booking to get your special discounted rate. This holiday special is only for my lovely gents who actually read my blog.

Until next time!


Dates and times of NUT NOVEMBER special:

Friday 11/1, 8pm-11pm

Sunday 11/3, 9am-11pm

Monday 11/4, 8pm-11pm

Tuesday 11/5, 8am-11am

Monday 11/11, 9am-11pm

Tuesday 11/12, 8am-10am

Wednesday 11/13, 8pm-11pm

Thursday 11/14, 8pm-11pm

Friday 11/15, 9am-11pm

Saturday 11/16, 7:30-11pm

Monday 11/18, 8am-10am or 6pm-11pm

Tuesday 11/19, 9am-10:30am

Wednesday 11/20, 8pm-11pm

Thursday 11/21, 8pm-11pm

Friday 11/22, 8pm-11pm

Saturday 11/23, 8pm-11pm

Sunday 11/24, 9am-11pm

Monday 11/25, 8pm-11pm

Tuesday 11/26, 8am-10:30am

Wednesday 11/27, 8pm-11pm

Friday 11/29, 8pm-11pm

Saturday 11/30, 8pm-11pm