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Big changes coming your way!!


I love to write, and I think i’m funny. My blogs are the perfect place to learn more about me and the things I’m passionate about. Take a glimpse into my quirky personality.

Big changes coming your way!!

Leela Sapphire

Hello there my happy humans!

So theres some big things happening with my website and overall web presence. First I will be taking down all of my images off of my website and putting them on a password protected page on my site. If you are a current client of mine just text me for the code. If you are a new client, after you have successfully completed the screening process you will be given the access code to all my pictures.

Why is this happening you might ask? Well first the good news then the not so good news. If you know me then you know I recently finished my masters degree and have been working hard to get my career going. The good news is I finally have my dream job doing what I love, helping people. The bad news part 1; that means I am going to have to be a lot more anonymous so I don’t jeopardize my career. Meaning no more cute selfies on twitter, and no more public images on my website. This may scare off some new clients but to be honest I don’t care. My loyal regulars are all I need, if you’re in my life thank you. Bad news part 2; I recently had the worst experience with a photographer who invaded my privacy. Basically she somehow found my website then asked for more money to use the images I took with her for work purposes. I told her to go fuck herself of course. I think its super fucked up that as soon as someone finds out you’re a sex worker then they try to charge you double. I won’t name the photo studio because I’m classier than that. I could complain endlessly about my terrible experience during the shoot and after but that’s not the point of this blog.

So what is the point then? The point is as I transition into the anonymous being I don’t want you to think I have retired. My email and phone number will never change and I am still seeing clients when I am not working my civ job. I have been hinting for awhile I will get to the point were I am only seeing established clients. Well that time is now. I will happily see new people if they show me they’re not complete morons and happily provide me with the screening I require but I expect that to be few and far between.

My dear sweet regulars, I am only a text away but please still always give me advance notice. Nights and weekends should always work for me and when I have day time availability I will post it on my twitter. I always go back and forth about making my twitter private but I know several of you check my twitter but don’t follow me. Maybe if I can actually avoid posting my super cute selfies and other pictures on twitter I can keep it public. Or…. I make it private and you just fucking follow me with an anonymous account and I post my cute pictures still. I feel like the better choice is the latter of the two.

Thank you for your patience through this transition and your continued loyalty.