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Sex work and finances


I love to write, and I think i’m funny. My blogs are the perfect place to learn more about me and the things I’m passionate about. Take a glimpse into my quirky personality.

Sex work and finances

Leela Sapphire

As many of you know, or don't know, I was just on a not so lovely vacation with two friends of mine. What was meant to be a relaxing weekend at the hot springs turned into a rude wake up call. Even in the closest of friends, sex work is still judged. Many people have this idea in their heads that sex workers are stacked in cash. That we all have fancy cars, and go on exotic vacations. Why that may be true for some, its not the standard.

Many sex workers engage in survival sex, that doesn't mean they're trafficked or lazy. It means that the job they chose (sex work) is the only thing thats keeping them from being homeless or starving. Education is a privilege that many do not get. Many of us cant just go out there and get a minimum wage job and survive. News flash, you can't live on minimum wage and support a family, or afford rent in many areas of Chicago. Stop judging sex workers and telling us to just go get a job. We have a job, sex work is work! To be an independent provider we spend hours creating websites, ads, photoshoots, and securing in-call locations. Working for yourself means paying health insurance out of pocket and covering all overhead cost. Theres a lot that goes on behind the scenes that most don't realize. I didn't just wake up one day and go, yup I am going to start pegging men in Chicago and be successful overnight. It took years of establishing myself and fine tuning my craft to be successful. I cut my teeth working in sensual massage parlors and have learned so much over the years. Many women aren't lucky enough to have community or mentors. Many sex workers are forced into exploitive situations because politics have continued to take away their rights. 

So why am I reminding you dear readers about this? Well on my vacation my dear friend assumed I would pay for everything because of my chosen job. I am a generous person but its sad to think that judgment and assumption is on the minds of even those closest to us. So be kind to your provider, be kind to the street walkers, fucking just be kind and stop assuming shit. 

End rant.