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SESTA/FOSTA: A story of smelling farts


I love to write, and I think i’m funny. My blogs are the perfect place to learn more about me and the things I’m passionate about. Take a glimpse into my quirky personality.

SESTA/FOSTA: A story of smelling farts

Leela Sapphire

Fe Fi Fo Fumb I smell a conundrum....

No wait, but really what the literal fuck America?? I just imagine a bunch of old white guys sitting in a room smelling each others farts and laughing as they crush the poor with their shit laws.

Enter stage right, old rich white guys:  "Yeah lets pass a bill that will hold the websites accountable for their clients posts...Sure why don't we name this bill stop enabling sex traffickers, people will look like dicks if they say no to it. Really though we should probably appear to look like we give a shit that a girl was killed off Backpage ( maniacal laughter). Screw hookers, but no really check out the tits on that one... Make everything illegal I say! Were protecting America...."

Ok this most likely isn't how this bill got passed but it sure did seem like a shit response to sex trafficking and underage sex workers. Yes sex trafficking is absolutely fucking terrible and we should be doing something about stopping it. However, SESTA/FOSTA isn't that thing thats the end all, be all solution. In fact, it made it worse out here for a working girl. 

The free advertising and screening sites that sex workers used are now gone. Places that lower-income SWers used are also gone. This means more opportunities to take advantage of SWers who may feel stressed and desperate. The amount of pimps soliciting girls has gone up like crazy since this bill past. People are forced to the streets and literally dying because of SESTA/FOSTA. Not dying because they can't pay their bills, but legit being murdered because they can't screen or they've been forced to the streets. 

Their are lots of sex workers who choose this work, like myself. It gives us the freedom to have experiences we may have never had access to before. As a women I have been sexualized my entire life. The media has taught me to capitalize on my sexuality to get ahead in life. I remember Samantha from Sex & the City being my idol. She was empowered, sexy, and didn't give a fuck, she was the original boss bitch for me. Watching sex and the city didn't make me think hmm I wanna start offering sensual strap on sessions. I did however become extremely comfortable with anything sexy, including myself. First I wanted to be a model, then a Suicide Girl, then a porn star. Obviously non of these things worked out for me, but I kept trying on different hats until one stuck. Unlike many people in my profession I had a mentor, a roll model who taught me my foundation. From there I cultivated my own style based on what I enjoyed, verses what I thought people would like. I embraced my authentic goofy self, and it just so happens I LOVE fucking ass.

Hehehe call me Daddy, call me Mommy... Now shut up and suck my cock...

Now back to the heavy stuff. So since the birth of SESTA/FOSTA I have lost advertising money with no warning from sites being shut down. I have had to try to find new and creative ways of advertising, and I screen a hell of a lot harder. Sex work has been going on since the dawn of time. Before there was the lovely internet and social media SWers still figured it out. Call me millennial but I don't know how to post an ad in the newspaper and frankly I don't want to. Fuck I can't even go to the post office without having an anxiety attack. So please if you're reading this, repeal this shit law before we both get sent back to the stone age for our guilty pleasures. 

Smell ya later,