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Butt stuff for beginners


I love to write, and I think i’m funny. My blogs are the perfect place to learn more about me and the things I’m passionate about. Take a glimpse into my quirky personality.

Butt stuff for beginners

Leela Sapphire

Many of my clients are first time anal explorers. Maybe it was a porno or some self exploration that piqued their curiosity. Whatever it was they followed my protocol, secured a session and went on a journey with me as their guide. 

Its important to know that the more relaxed you are, the more pleasure you will have! When meeting a provider or doing something new and taboo it's natural to be nervous. Whenever I have anxiety about something I turn to doing deep breathing techniques. You can try this at home or during the session. Breath in for a four count, hold that breath for a two count and breathe out for a four count, holding the breath out again for a two count. Super simple right? The autonomic nervous system is responsible for our fight or flight responses. Deep breathing engages out parasympathetic system which is responsible for relaxation. You can read more about that in this quick article here

Ok so now that you know a basic breathing technique lets get back to butt stuff. Before any back door adventure (especially strap-on/pegging) be sure to enema. An enema flushes clean water into your rectum up into your intestines dislodging any impacted fecal matter. You can easily buy a fleet enema at your local Walgreens/ CVS. By doing an enema a few hours before anal play you can let go of any fear of being dirty or having an accident. Poop happens, its not a big deal but if we can avoid it by some simple cleaning protocol then great! 

You are relaxed, clean, and ready to go! Wohoo! This is one of those times where size does matter. When it comes to stretching, you are not stretching the anus per-say but you're creating space in the rectum for fingers and toys. Slowly and with good communication the body can stretch to impressive lengths. Anyone with enough warm up and lube can be fisted. However, listen to your body. If something doesn't feel good then slow down or stop. Remember your provider isn't a mind reader, you have to tell us when something feels off. 

Until next time!