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Leela Sapphire

Blending my years of sensual massage experience with my passion for pegging, I create a unique sensory experience. Warm to my upbeat, bubbly personality, and I’ll offer you a safe space for both of us to explore. Your unique desires will define our time together. Share your darkest fantasies, and join me in an experience you’ll never forget.



The Curvy Goddess; Aka The Endomorph. My voluptuous body has the most generous curves. Think “round”, as in round perky breasts, round firm butt, round calves, thighs, and upper arms with a narrow waist-to-hip ratio. Standing at 5'3, I am the perfect petite package. My blonde curls fall below my bra line while maintaining a lioness volume and style. I feel no need to drape my body in couture fashion, rather I embody the casual California bohemian. I prefer being barefoot over the constrictions of sky-high heels. If you're lucky you may see me frolicking in my natural habitat, the outdoors is where I feel most at home. 

The older I get, the more I see how women are described as having gone mad, when what they’ve actually become is knowledgable and powerful and fucking furious. -Sophia Heawood




Near or far, I adore being outside. I enjoy camping, hiking, and traveling to exotic gardens in faraway places. You'll often find me exploring new places all over the globe. When I'm home in Chicago, I satisfy my thirst for nature by tending to my house plants, and spending most of each summer in the wilderness. I always take the scenic route - whether I'm driving through the countryside, or getting to know a new friend. I live for adventure, and I know that some of the best adventures happen indoors.



I love to taste and play with exotic flavors and spices, and I find comfort in the classics. I grew up in the kitchen, tasting the rich Italian food of my heritage. I'm known for my marinara bolognese - a hearty red sauce with delicious morsels of sautéed meat. I love to travel and  explore local food customs. I crave savory dishes, rich ramen broths, or the bright fresh flavors of sushi. While I do indulge in the occasional piece of dark chocolate, I am not fond of sweets. I am sweet enough all by myself. This love of food fuels my current side project of starting my own catering company.




My curiosity has lead me into my profession, what excites you, what your desires are, and how we can make those a reality. I desire to build a rapport with old friends and new. I create a space where we can unwind and let our guards down, rediscovering our authentic selfs. I seek connection with each of my clients to deepen trust and authenticity. I want a session with me to embody the relaxation of time spent with an old friend, one who has a taste for the taboo. 


Ready to take the dive into something extraordinary?