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Savannah Dahl

I adore the mystical, revere the physical, and prefer amethysts to diamonds. My sense of humour is machiavellian, and my heart is made of gold. I enjoy meeting new people, whether it is to repose in each other’s company for an hour, or to cultivate a life long friendship.

Native to Los Angeles, I’ve spent much of my adult life on the east coast (mainly Manhattan), for school, career, and fun. I am fairly heterosexual, and very bi-coastal. Currently I am anchored on the shores of Lake Michigan, where I increase the presence of west coast style relaxation amidst hard working Chicagoans. While tolerant to the cold, I still believe that life is best lived in a bikini.

I consider myself a citizen of the nation, and have many influences. Though I can definitely give off that “girl next door” vibe, you will soon find upon knowing me that I am both well traveled & too quixotic to be harnessed by one provincial identity. My favorite color is saffron, and my preferred international destination is Cuzco, Peru.

When in college, my studies were focused on choreography, dance history, and ballet, modern and jazz techniques. Due to an injury I transitioned my movement studies to yoga, and in the process of studying yogic arts, Vedic culture and the history of ancient India, I came upon the fascinating practices of tantra.

Though most of the time I’m an urbanite, I hunger for nature, and love thunderstorms and horseback riding just as much as I get a thrill from shopping for new lingerie on Michigan Avenue. In my spare time, I catch up on yoga, & also enjoy cooking, baking, and taking even more classes in the healing arts. With certifications in swedish massage, holistic nutritional consulting, Usui reiki, & sexological bodywork, I bring a multidimensional approach to sensual well being.

I have also deepened my understanding of human potential by doing trainings in tantra yoga healing with Goddess Martine, tantric temple arts with Chandra Devi, as well as Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. One can never be too learned, I feel. I am fascinated by all that we are, and all that we can become, and take pleasure in expanding the horizons of those who are ready to venture…

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