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Erotic Art, Sensual Deviance

My body is an expression of my art, from head to toe my creativity pours from my soul. I see my skin as my canvas, my tattoos are images that are representative of who I am, of how I've evolved. Do not get distracted by the exterior, instead, become mesmerized by my energy and smile!

About my look

The Curvy Goddess; Aka The Endomorph. My voluptuous body has the most generous curves. Think “round”, as in round perky breasts, round firm butt, round calves, thighs, and upper arms with a narrow waist-to-hip ratio. Standing at 5'3, I am the perfect petite package. My blonde curls falls below my bra line while maintaining a lioness volume and style. I feel no need to drape my body in couture fashion, rather I embody the casual California bohemian. I prefer being barefoot over the constrictions of sky-high heels. If you're lucky you may see me frolicking in my natural habitat, the outdoors is where I feel most at home.